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Melbourne business keeps Australian companies well informed

16th January 2003

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It seems that Australian businesses have always wanted someone to ‘tell me now!’ when it comes to the information they need to stay ahead of the game. For Cindy Tschernitz, Director of Tell Me Now, this is good news.

So what is Tell Me Now?

Tell Me Now is a Research and Business Information company. ‘We provide intelligent information that is customised to answer a client’s specific question’, says Tschernitz, ‘and it doesn’t matter if that question is as straightforward as “who are the major players in the Australian dairy industry?” or if it’s more complex, like “Why has Argentina gone from being a major economic power last century to a country on the brink of bankruptcy?”’

When the Tell Me Now business began 4 years ago, it focused on serving professional services companies. Today, Tell Me Now also works with other industries and is able to provide ‘Trade Intelligence’ as well as ‘Market Intelligence’ and ‘Competitor Intelligence’ information.

And now Tschernitz is also looking for ways to support companies expanding into international markets. Tell Me Now is a Melbourne company but serves companies nationally and internationally on a 24/7 basis, thanks to the internet and email. All our business is undertaken electronically so location and time are irrelevant.

She sees the changes in how Australian companies approach the international markets more systematically rather than ‘gut feel’ as ‘a positive sign’, believing there is potential for even further growth especially when using research and business information in an intelligent manner.

‘There are already many successful Australian companies participating in the global arena, both large and small business who have used Tell Me Now’s services to scope a product or market rather than just taking an educated guess.

And Tschernitz has this to say to Australian Industry: ‘Take advantage of a resource on your doorstep. Let us do a free analysis of your Business Information needs.

‘Companies need access to accurate information whether it’s for creating a business plan or assessing a market opportunity. In a global economy, you simply must have the right information to sustain or grow a business.’

Tell Me Now knows all about the global economy. It should. Tell Me Now recognised the importance of local knowledge in the global economy from it’s inception has been a player in the global market ever since. In the past 4 years Tell Me Now has entered into multilateral agreements with research companies around the world, ‘We can get on-the-ground information very quickly from industry experts in more than 50 countries. For example, if you want to find out about the school system in China, we can link up with our Chinese partner for accurate and relevant information. None of our Australian competitors can equal that.”

About Tell Me Now

Tell me Now is an independent Research and Business Information service and consultancy that provides organisations, consultants and individuals with valuable information when they need it—without the overheads of staff and resources. Founded in 1998 by Cindy Tschernitz - a Melbourne-based information specialist with over 20 years experience in the business, Tell Me Now’s aim is to provide clients with Intelligent Information and to answer questions as succinctly as possible. The type of research required varies from quick requests—such as finding that article—through to customised research projects, which could include company overviews, patent searching, literature reviews or in-depth market research studies.

For further information contact:
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